Beautyman Cup 2024

November 3rd – 6th, 2024

The 2024 Beautyman Cup pitting Team USA versus Team World will be held in Palm Beach County, Florida, USA at The Polo Club of Boca Raton.

The Beautyman Cup is a masters tennis’ version of the Laver Cup and the Ryder Cup.  It pits master tennis players (age 65, 70, 75, & 80) from the USA against a World team.  Each age group, on both teams, will have three players.  Each team is led by a captain whose players are all accomplished international tennis players.  Both singles and doubles are best-of-three full sets.   Each match is worth one point.  Ties will be broken by sets won, and then games won.  There will be two singles matches in each group on days one and three.  The second day is for doubles.  $2000 will go to each member of the winning team;  $1000 to each member of the losing team, provided the player paid his entry fee by October 15, 2024. Participants who have not paid the entry fee by October 15th will receive 50% of the prize money to which they would otherwise be entitled.

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Entry Fee

$200/player entry fee *tax-deductible

{$2000 will go to each member of the winning team;  $1000 to each member of the losing team.}

Pay by Check
Mail check to:
World Championships Org. Comm., Inc.
2010 Notre Dame Drive
Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460

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