Beautyman Cup 2022 Results


9 – 6 win by the World team

World Team

Men’s 65 Team

Frits Raijmakers

Frits Raijmakers was born in 1954 in the Netherlands and started playing tennis at age eleven. Frits, who now splits his time between Marbella, Spain, and the Netherlands, has been ranked #1 in the world in singles (since 2019), men’s doubles, and mixed doubles. In 2019 he was the world champion in the 65 singles and doubles, as well as the runner-up in the ITF team event. In 2021 Frits finished in second place in the 65 singles and doubles world championships in Majorca, Spain. Frits has been ranked as the number one player in the Netherlands in his age group since 2012.

Joakim Berner

Joakim Berner played Davis Cup & Kings Cup for Finland 1976-1990. In Seniors best Singles ranking NR 3 and Doubles NR 1. Won 1 WC gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze. Several European Champion gold medals. One American Champion gold medal. Organized World Championships in Helsinki 2016 and Hanko ITF 700 for 13 years.

Men’s 70 Team

Andrew Rae

Andrew Rae is an accomplished tennis player from Australia. Andrew has won eight singles and 13 doubles world championships and was a team member on numerous winning world Australian teams. He has the distinction of having held the number one ranking in his age group in Australia since turning 45. Currently ranked number three in the ITF world rankings in singles, he is also number one in doubles.

Bruno Renoult

Bruno is a 12-time world champion in singles, doubles, mixed doubles, and team championships. Bruno has been the French team captain and number 1 player for many years. Currently ranked number two in the world in the 70+ category.

Men’s 75 Team

Jairo Velasco Sr.

Jairo Velasco Sr. is a former professional tennis player from Colombia. He has played in the number one position as a Davis Cup player for Columbia for 15 years. His highest ATP ranking was 39. Jairo currently ranks number one in Spain for the men’s 75-age group. Additionally, he is a 7-time world champion in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. Jairo has represented Spain in all age groups from 45 to 70.

Petr Kolacek

Petr Kolacek is an adept tennis player hailing from Switzerland. He has won the world championship in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles seven times. Petr was player of the year twice for Switzerland. He is currently ranked number one in Switzerland for the 75+ age group.

Team USA

Men’s 65 Team

Dan Waldman Dan is the current ITF 65 and over World Singles champion, having previously won ITF World singles and doubles titles in each of the 50, 55 and 60 and over divisions. He has also won multiple US singles and doubles national championships over the last 20 years and has represented the U.S. on multiple US senior teams at the ITF World Senior Championships.

Toby Crabel Toby is a former 3 time all American division 2 NCAA. Highest ranking ATP 280 in 1980. Wins over 5 different top 20 players from 1978-1980. Team tennis in the Netherlands, France, and Germany. Presently number 1 ranked 65 and over player in the US, and ranked top 10 in the itf world in 2021.

Mike Megale: Mike is a former NCAA Division 1 Big Sky conference singles champion 1976-1978. He has won multiple singles and doubles titles over the last 10 years since he began playing national U.S. tournaments. He has been a finalist and a bronze ball winner in the Open division of the open Father Daughter championships. This year he was a singles finalist in the National 65 Clay Courts, as well as the Masters grass court championships. He recently won the National 65 hard court doubles championships in San Diego CA, and was named to the USTA National 65 team.

Men’s 70 Team

Danny Carlson Danny is currently ranked top 8 in the ITF world ranking in singles, mens doubles and mixed doubles. He’s ranked #1 and #2 in the USTA men’s 70’s doubles and singles respectfully. He’s the current ITF 70’s Mixed Doubles World Champion and USTA’s National Hard Courts Men’s 70’s Doubles Champion. In 2021 he finished the year ranked #1 in the men’s 65 team doubles and #2 in the USTA men’s 65 individual doubles. Recently, Danny has accumulated several ITF metals and USTA gold balls.

Dave Sivertson Dave is the current Director of Tennis for the Citrus Club at La Quinta Resort, La Quinta, California. Dave has a current ITF World Singles Ranking of #14. He was undefeated during competition at the ITF World Team Championships winning Gold Medals for USA in 2017 and 2018. In 2019 he was ranked #2 in United States Men’s 65 Singles. Dave has won gold balls in both singles and doubles, including the 2021 US Grass Court Championships.

Men’s 75 Team

Jamie Pressly

Jamie Pressly Represented the USA in the Dubler Cup, Potter Cup, Gordon Trophy, Coffee Cup, and Jr. Davis Cup; Ranked #2 in USA in Men’s 45+ and #27 in USA in Men’s Open categories; Runner-up in Orange Bowl 18’s and 16’s; Southern Champion (3 times); University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame and Doug Belden Award winner (outstanding senior athlete at the University of Florida).

Les Buck Les was born in 1946 and grew up in New Jersey, USA where he played on the East coast junior tennis circuit. He graduated from Princeton University and was the captain of the Princeton University varsity tennis team in 1968. Following graduation from college, he retired largely from tennis and embarked on a 43 year military and business career. Upon his retirement from business at age 65, he rejoined the tennis world and began playing actively on the USTA senior tennis circuit. During the past 11 years, he has won several USTA national age division championships and 2 ITF world championships in doubles and 1 ITF 3rd place (bronze medal) in singles. He and his family reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Michael Dahm Michael has played as the number one singles at University of Dayton. His highest senior national ranking was #2. He also has a senior worlds doubles title from 2014.